What we do

Making a Real Difference

The Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation helps to fund many programs and initiatives as well as provide training and equipment for community safety and crime prevention efforts in southeast Idaho. Naturally, officer safety is a top priority. Other priorities include programs that prevent, deter, reduce and eliminate crime wherever possible, decreasing victimization.

Your contribution to the Foundation shows your dedication to a safer community. After all, we all need to become stakeholders in this endeavor. Here are a few of the ways that we support our police, their families, and our community.


The Greater Idaho Falls Police Department Foundation helps to facilitate financial resources for regional police department needs that otherwise would not be obtainable through budget constraints. The Foundation makes grants from its own funds, matches grants from funding partners, and assists in identifying and developing outside grants that are made directly to the department. Our grants help the local law enforcement keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, training techniques and approaches to their work. Our public-private partnership provides the opportunity for local departments to provide needed training and continue to develop relationships within the community.


An important part of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation’s mission is to help police get the training they need to do their best work. The Foundation does this by paying for in-house training experiences, conference attendance, and distance learning programs that benefit the communities they serve, but would otherwise not be possible within their tax dollar funded budgets.


The purpose of the program is to allow officers who see a need to immediately take action to help people. It can be as simple as purchasing food, fuel, a coat for a child, or a crib for a family. Whatever the need, officers have the opportunity to provide help and hope. In the past, officers have used their own money to help someone in need. This program provides resources so officers don’t need to spend their own money to assist someone in need.


Police Equipment

Making financial contributions to purchase important equipment and advanced technology that support innovative policing programs and enhance officer safety.


Specialized training is critical to stay in front of best practices. As training budgets are limited across departments, the GIFPF steps up to make it possible for officers to receive additional specialized training.

Mental Health
& Addiction

Ensuring officers are in their best social and mental health so they can go above and beyond to protect Idaho residents. Seeking ways to provide mental health expertise to community residents in crisis.


Supporting community outreach programs to break down barriers and build effective relationships between officers and community members. These programs build more trusting relationships and improve community safety.


Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

FEB. 2-3, 2022

These are one-day seminars for members of Law Enforcement and their spouses.  You can attend on either day.  This class is a must-see for both the officer and their spouse to better understand the emotional impact of the law enforcement profession and how to deal with its challenges.