About Us


In 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, several business and community leaders virtually gathered to discuss how they could work together to make southeast Idaho an even safer place to live, work and play. Based on their collective experiences in the private and public sectors, and with the guidance of Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson, they saw a meaningful opportunity to provide local law enforcement with an extra measure of support, specifically in obtaining resources for those who protect our community.

It wasn’t long before this group of interested citizens took action. Just a few months after their initial meeting, The Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation (GIFPF) organization and its board of directors were officially formed on Oct. 13, 2020. The group was publicly launched to the community and began accepting donations in 2021.

Since that time, GIFPF board members have donated hundreds of hours of time and in-house expertise to help the foundation take flight. In addition, several of the founding members from the area’s largest businesses – Bank of Idaho, Ball Ventures, Melaleuca, and others – kickstarted the Foundation by making financial donations and significant in-kind contributions. They believe their investment would pay major dividends for the community.

Members of the Foundation board regularly meet throughout the year to learn about the needs of local law enforcement and share community perspectives with the Idaho Falls Police Department, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office and Idaho State Police. They regularly discuss how community support and additional funding might help the area’s law enforcement officers achieve their goals.

The Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation is an independent, citizen-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit established to help our police receive the tools and training they need to do their best work.

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation (GIFPF).

The current environment for our law enforcement agencies, officers and support staff is more difficult today than it has ever been. Our dedicated law enforcement officers and the employees of these agencies make personal sacrifices every day on behalf of our community and its businesses and citizens, in an effort to keep us safe and provide the high quality of life that we all enjoy.

With the encouragement and support of Chief Bryce Johnson, the GIFPF was organized in 2020, and formally launched in 2021. It was founded by a group of concerned citizens and business leaders in an effort to lend support to the mission of our men and women in law enforcement.

Our mission is to “Promote public safety by providing resources and support to the law enforcement community and utilizing innovative solutions and advocacy between the community and law enforcement with compassion, integrity, financial and community support.”

We have identified four major areas to focus our attention and efforts:

  1. Police Equipment
  2. Training Programs
  3. Mental Health and Addiction
  4. Community Outreach

We appreciate our municipal governments, City Councils, Mayors, Commissioners and others who support and fund critical equipment and training. Our goal is to supplement this support with programs
and services that are beneficial to law enforcement agencies and the community, and which may be outside of the scope of what governments are able to provide.

Our work will result in better equipped and better trained law enforcement officers, increased officer morale, a stronger connection between our law enforcement officers and the community, and a more safe community for all.

Our Board of Directors consists of a dedicated group of individuals, who strongly desire to give back to their community and “make a difference”. We are always looking for like-minded people who are dedicated and wish to contribute time or funds. We are not able to fulfill our mission without strong
support from our community and business leaders.

We are organized as a 501(C) (3) charitable organization. If you are interested in being a part of this effort, please feel free to reach out to any of our Board Members, or click on the “Donate” page on our web site.

Thank you for your support.

— Eric Isom, GIFPF Board Chair

Message from Chief Johnson

It is my sincere honor to write this letter of support for the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation. We are fortunate to live in a community that is supportive of their law enforcement officers and of each other. It is not uncommon for altruistic members of our community to reach out asking for ways to support our department and our missions in the community. The formation of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation gives those members of our community another avenue to make an impact on our community and to support the public safety mission – and sometimes in ways that would not be possible otherwise.

As a publicly funded agency, we endeavor to be excellent stewards of the tax dollars allotted to us. We must be judicious as we balance costs associated with equipment needs, training, investigative costs, officer compensation, crime prevention aides, etc. Oftentimes, we have to make tough budget choices including not purchasing equipment or paying for a training that we know would be beneficial in order to meet the most important needs of the department and community.

Through the creation of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation and their efforts our community will benefit from officers with additional training and equipment. Efforts to support officer wellness and morale will result in officers who are able to provide a higher level of compassion and service to the public they serve. Our community may have additional funds available for crime prevention and public safety efforts, and even to aide those who are working to overcome addiction which has a major impact on crime and public safety in our community.

At IFPD, we believe that public safety is a community concern – one that is most effectively tackled when a community and their police officers work together towards that common goal. The same is true in Idaho Falls. Through the efforts of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation, we are working hand in hand with our community members to create a safer city and to maintain the best qualities of Idaho Falls.

On behalf of the men and women of the Idaho Falls Police Department, I thank the members of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundations for their efforts and all those who support them in their mission.

— Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson

Message from Sheriff Hulse

I would like to express my support of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation. When I first learned of the foundation being formed, I was excited to learn of the concept and the benefactors from our community that were willing to provide their time and money to support first responders in our area.

As peace officers in Eastern Idaho, we see and feel the support of our community. Unfortunately, that is not what many officers who serve in law enforcement currently experience in other areas of our nation.

I’m proud of our community and organizations like the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation, which is just one example of strong support that we receive in our region. The foundation provides an opportunity for businesses and others to learn of the current challenges of local first responders and find innovative ways to support those ever-changing and critical needs.

I look forward to working with and supporting the foundation’s efforts, and I encourage you to join me in supporting the foundation in making Eastern Idaho a great place to live, work and play.

— Bonneville County Sheriff Samuel M. Hulse

Captain Chris Weadick

Message from Captain Weadick

The Idaho State Police is honored to be a part of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation.  Our agency has been integrated in the communities of Idaho since 1939.

The men and women of the Idaho State Police have a long history of keeping watch over the motoring public by promoting law enforcement excellence.  We at the Idaho State Police are renewing our efforts to ensure our public safety service reflects and respects Idaho communities.

Without the support from the communities and fellow law enforcement agencies, our mission would be much more difficult to complete.  Groups like the GIFPF have given ISP the ability to obtain resources for Training, Equipment, and Mental Health programs.  This partnership has also allowed us to implement programs geared towards Community Care.

ISP continues to be the standard bearers of our organization’s values which are honesty and integrity, ethical and professional behavior.  As we navigate current challenges, I believe Idahoans will continue to be people of kindness, gratitude, and character.

— Idaho State Police Captain Chris Weadick