Police Foundation

Your support protects southeast Idaho

The Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation will promote public safety by providing resources and support to the law enforcement community, utilizing innovative solutions and advocacy between the community and law enforcement with compassion, integrity, financial and community support. With your help, The Foundation will do this by:

  • Funding critical needs and shortages that police department budgets do not cover
  • Providing training and education opportunities to the law enforcement community
  • Supporting effective programs that fight domestic violence, online predators, drug addiction, and more
  • Advocating for better safety measures and practices in our communities
  • Strengthening relationships between local law enforcement and the public
  • Raising awareness about the outstanding service that our local law enforcement officers provide

Public safety cannot rest on the shoulders of law enforcement alone. As much as we all need the police, they need our support as well.

The Foundation is a way for citizens and businesses to come together to support our heroes in blue. Learn more about our commitment to police officers and citizens like you.


Police Equipment

Making financial contributions to purchase important equipment and advanced technology that support innovative policing programs and enhance officer safety.


Specialized training is critical to stay in front of best practices. As training budgets are limited across departments, the GIFPF steps up to make it possible for officers to receive additional specialized training.

Mental Health
& Addiction

Ensuring officers are at their best mentally and emotionally so they can continue to go above and beyond to protect Idaho residents. Seeking ways to provide mental health and addiction expertise to community residents in crisis.


Supporting community outreach programs to break down barriers and build effective relationships between officers and community members. These programs build more trusting relationships and improve community safety.